Street Seller of Walking Sticks c 1860
The Walking Stick Shop
Count d'Orsay French Dandy 1801-1852
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To many people a stick, is just a stick, but we take a different view, in
The Walking Stick Shop
Canes and Walking Sticks are individually tailored to size while you wait, the technique of walking with a cane or stick explained, and how your particular choice evolved.

An overall view of the shop
An overall view of the Shop

There is a choice of unique canes, antique and new, including
our individually designed "Boulevardier" or "Avenue" canes with silver collars.

The walking Stick Shop
has always, a very large selection of "everyday" walking sticks.
Why not stop by, and visit!

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An army of our  more elegant walking sticks
An army of our more elegant canes
Some of our silver tops
Arrangement of some of our silver tops
View of a selection of sticks on the wall and of canes in a stand
View of a wall display
A corner of antique canes
A corner where the past is thrivingly alive
Some of our antique umbrella stands.
Some of our antique umbrella stands

Antique stand of umbrellas
Antique stand of umbrellas
A stand of our novelty walking sticks with crutch handles
A stand of novelty crutch handle canes
A show of some unusual umbrellas
Some of our unusual umbrellas

A tribute to Nelson and HMS Victory
A tribute to Nelson and H M S Victory
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Assorted folding sticks We also stock folding sticks and shooting sticks, click on photos for details.

Stand of shooting sticks
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